Tscchut Gugji/or PlainTurnip/Shalgam:

Serving size: 3-4 people


  • ½ or 1kg gugji/turnip;
  • 2-3 tbsp. of oil;
  • 2 whole red or green chilies;
  • Pinch of heeng/ asafetida;
  • Salt to taste;
  • ½ cup of water;
  • Kashmiri masala/var if available;


  • Wash and cut thin slices of gugji/turnip.
  • Take oil in pressure cooker and add heeng.
  • Add gugji to oil and stir well.
  • Add salt, whole chili, water and boil. (if you want to make wuzji gugji/red color turnip, you may add ¼ chili powder.)
  • Boil and pressure cook for 5 minutes.
  • Turn off stove, leave pressure lid on and open only when pressure in cooker drops.
  • Add pinch of var (optional).
  • Serve with white rice
  • The recipe is ready to enjoy with white rice and plan yogurt.