Muji Chetini/Radish Relish:

Serving size: 3-4 people


  • 2 sticks of white radish or 2 packets of red radish,
  • Salt to taste,
  • ½ zeera/cumin/zeur,
  • pinch of red chili powder,
  • 1 whole green chili,
  • 2 cups of yogurt/zamutdud,


  • Grate radish/muji in food processor or hand grater.
  • Beat yogurt in a bowl.
  • Add grated radish.
  • Mix well,
  • Add chili powder, zeera and small pieces of green chili.
  • You may not add red chili powder, if you like muji chetini white colored.
  • Garnish it with cilantro (optional)
  • Eat with rice or bread.