Rogan Josh:

Serving size:2-4 people


• ½ kg or 1lb mutton,(lamb or goat, preferably rib or leg meat),
• 1tsp red chili powder,
• ½ tsp ginger powder,
• ½ fennel powder,
• 3 cloves/laung,
• 1 tsp zeera/cumin seed,
• ½ powdered cinnamon /dalchini),
• pinch of heeng/aesofoetida,
• 2 tbsp yogurt,
• 2 big black elaichi/cardamom,
• 2 small green elaichi/cardamom,
• 3 tbsp. of oil,
• Salt to taste.

Wash meat and keep in colander till the water drains.
Heat oil in a pressure cooker.
Add heeng to oil.
Add meat and stir-fry well.
Add clove, cinnamon, powdered black elaichi, zeera.
Stir-fry till color of meat turns light brown.
Add red chili powder, and yogurt.
Fry again till no white color of yogurt is visible.
Add ginger powder, fennel powder , salt and ½ cup of water.
Pressure cook for 5 minutes.or 3 whistles.
Turn off stove and open cooker when pressure has dropped.
Check for the desired tenderness.
If you see excess water, boil till desired consistency is reached.
Grind zeera and green small elaichi and sprinkle on meat and cover. This will give exotic aroma to meat.
• Serve this dish with white rice or paratha.
Roganjosh is considered king of meat dishes in Kashmir. Roganjosh has great cultural/traditional importance. Roganjosh is main dish in non-vegetarian feast. Roganjosh and paratha is served to important guests like son in laws or daughter –in-law when they are seen first.