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Hindu Kashmiri Cooking

The cuisine of a region says a lot about its history and culture. In Kashmir, the variations in cuisine evolved along religious lines. The same dishes vary in preparation and ingredients in Kashmiri Hindu and Kashmiri Muslim households. Not to mention, the very different cooking nearby in the Laddakh region.

The recipes on this site and in my book present the Hindu style of Kashmiri cooking. These are the recipes I grew up with and what I've learned from my mother, my grandmother and other family and friends of Sathu Barbarshah, Srinagar. Traditionally there is an absence of onion and garlic in preparation of these foods which dates back to the Vedic period. Also note, Kashmiri Hindus traditionally eat meats like fish, chicken, goat and lamb in contrast with Hindus in other regions of India, many of whom are vegetarian. These recipes are also presented on this site and in my recipe book. 

Kashmiri Spices

Spices used in Kashmiri dishes give its unique taste and aroma. There are varieties of Kashmiri dishes made with the same spices like red chilies, aniseed, asafetida, ginger powder, cumin seed, curd or yogurt. White rice is the staple food which balances spicy hot Kashmiri dishes.

Quantities of spices specified in recipes are merely a guide. So, feel free to experiment and increase or decrease these as you wish. Mainly, chilies and salt- are the two things, which can be used according to personal taste. In fact, the secret behind the tasty Kashmiri cookery lies not in high spicing but in the delicacy of spicing.

Chandra Ganju
Chandramukhi Ganju

Born, raised, and studied in Kashmir and New Delhi. Now live in Florida with my family.

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